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If you're having problems with your roller shutter or outdoor blind, we can help! We carry the parts and expertise to fix anything from broken cables to jammed shutters. Give us a call today!

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No matter what kind of damage your roller shutter or outdoor blind has sustained, we can help

we are experts in fixing all kinds of damage

Has your roller shutter or ziptrak outdoor blind been damaged? Has the roller shutter become jammed? Has your outdoor blind been ripped due to torrential weather?

No matter what the problem is, we’re here to fix it.

Roller shutters and outdoor blinds have dramatically changed over the years, which is why we carry a variety of spare parts needed for repair or servicing.

With our many years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to tackle any kind of roller shutter or outdoor blind damage.

We repair;

  • Broken cables
  • In-wall manual winder
  • Broken slats
  • Jammed shutter
  • Damaged Ziptrak blind


With many years of industry experience, you can rest assured MCF Master Group will offer a professional and efficient service.


We are an owner-operated business, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be dealing with the owner throughout the entire process.


For your convenience, all of our roller shutters come with a ten-year warranty.


We have a workmanship guarantee of two years, so if our work isn’t up to your standard, we’ll come and fix it up until it’s up to your standard.

No matter what the problem is, we can help

Customised and Made-to-Measure: Full-Service In-House Roller Shutter Repair

MCF Master Group is the right company to handle your repairs in Perth. We will handle the problem, whatever it may be. Call on us if your Ziptrak blind or roller shutter is broken.

We provide repair services for all companies and residences and have an extensive range of spare parts available to fix or tune-up jammed roller shutters or ripped outdoor blinds.

  • Our company offers our clients extensive experience plus the skills and knowledge to deal with any type of outdoor blind or roller shutter repair in Perth such as broken slats, the in-wall winder, broken cables, or a malfunctioning Ziptrak blind.
  • We supply the most up-to-the-minute technologies, including electric wall-switch models, several remote control alternatives, and manual systems. Find out about our Wi-Fi hub that will enable you to control your shutters via your smartphone from wherever you may be.
  • A roller shutter provides several benefits: protection against severe weather conditions such as high winds and storms, light control, and as insulation against sound-, cold-, and thermal transfer. Shutters prevent you from being seen from the street at night and are a security add-on to prevent burglaries when you’re not at home. Our owner-operator will personally take care of your security shutter repair. You will deal with him directly if you experience a problem.

Roller shutters offer many benefits. The Sentry Fireshield shutter protects your home against fire hazards by preventing smouldering embers from getting inside the house and setting it alight.

Our service comprises installation, shutter maintenance, and shutter overhaul. Our shutters come with a ten-year warranty on motors and moving parts, and we offer a seven-year warranty on our Ziptrak blinds and PVC. We also provide a two-year workmanship assurance.

  • Roller shutters slide up and down on tracks or guide channels and are tightly secured to the floor or ledge when closed. It would be best to call us if your door structure is dented or buckles because trying to deal with it yourself may result in a more serious difficulty.
  • Problems arise when the mechanism gets stuck, and the motor will need replacing if it burns out. Several issues may occur as time goes by, even if you’ve had a high-quality shutter installed. If your roller shutter or ziptrak blind only opens half-way, a service will repair damaged proximity sensors and electronic eyes that are out of alignment − which may happen because the brackets holding them are not in the right position, and the sightline is blocked.
  • Rollers deteriorate with daily use, and the tracks can bend or shift − causing the door to drag − whereas corroded or malfunctioning rollers can cause the door to get stuck in the tracks. Ask us whether your damaged rollers need replacement.
  • If a shutter reverses before closing the screw that regulates the closing, it may require force to fine-tune it. An outdoor blind that jumps up straightaway after touching the floor, or doesn’t close completely, may mean that you have a limit-switch problem.
  • Also, your neighbour’s shutter may be utilising the same code as yours, which is a situation we can resolve reasonably easily.

Our electrician, who is also the proprietor and functioning technician, offers tailored services to our customers and makes sure that each job is professional. We will put things to rights if the work isn’t up to the standard you expect.

We will also clean your shutters properly – by removing insects, dust, and accumulated grit − and maintain them regularly if you want them to perform as required. Outdoor blinds become grimy and will be affected by punishing weather conditions, which may lead to the onset of rust.

  • Regular upkeep will extend your roller shutter’s lifespan. The service frequency depends on the type of shutter and the rate of use. The mechanism ought to be inspected every six months if it is used repeatedly as part of business operations such as shop fronts, industrial premises, and parking garages. Domestic shutters should be examined and re-tuned at least every five years if no issues arise sooner.
  • The nuts and bolts that hold the roller hinges and track mounting brackets in position need to be checked and well-maintained, whether you have a manually operated or electrical shutter, and the rollers and tracks need consistent attention and lubrication so they will glide effortlessly.
  • We fully examine every single part of the shutter when we do maintenance. We assess the guide channels and the motor, clean and lubricate small and large components, and replace any springs, auto locks, screws, and other parts that are starting to show wear and tear.
  • Whereas you want the sun to shine through in winter, windows do let in much heat in summer—rays blazing through glass cause the interior to heat up significantly. Shutters will keep your house cool in summer and provide an energy-efficient solution to achieving a more uniform temperature. We have all the required experience, skill, and components to take care of your window shutter repair and maintenance.

We likewise install and service Ziptrak blinds. These blinds close patios or other outdoor areas to protect against rain, wind, cold, and bright sunshine. They provide shade and shelter while keeping flies and mosquitos away, turning such spaces into comfortable indoor retreats where you can relax.

We will assist you in deciding whether all or only some of your windows should be fitted with roller blinds, depending on the reasons why you would like them installed. Security purposes differ from saving on energy costs, which may only require covering some of your glass panels. Similarly, we can advise you on which type of blinds, motors, and makes would answer your requirements best and what maintenance would entail.

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