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Premium strength & security


Ozroll’s Sentry Fireshield is an optimal choice for residential or commercial fire protection. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment, has a 40mm curved profile, and superior strength.

Premium strength & security

About Sentry Fireshield

Our Sentry Fireshield shutter is ideal for homes in areas prone to fire hazards.

It is common knowledge that hot or burning embers entering the home during a bushfire is a major factor in the ignition of the building itself. Our Sentry Fireshield roller shutters have been credited with saving homes from burning to the ground.


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With many years of industry experience, you can rest assured MCF Master Group will offer a professional and efficient service.


We are an owner-operated business, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be dealing with the owner throughout the entire process.


For your convenience, all of our roller shutters come with a ten-year warranty.


We have a workmanship guarantee of two years, so if our work isn’t up to your standard, we’ll come and fix it up until it’s up to your standard.

The trusted solution for outdoor living

Discover the Advantages of Installing Roller Shutters in Perth

Installing roller shutters on your home can provide you with numerous advantages including privacy, protection from elements and more. Our knowledgeable and qualified professionals have extensive experience working in the industry and complete every install, service and repair to a high standard. We supply and install quality Rollershield shutters which come in a range of designs and colours, to ensure that your window covering meets your requirements.

Your Flat Slat, Storm Shield or fire shutters from our Perth professionals can provide you with numerous benefits, such as:

  • Protect your home from the elements: While windows already provide your home with protection from wind and rain, they are made of glass and have the potential to crack or become damaged in extreme wet and gusty weather conditions. Installing Stormshield roller shutters will give your home a robust barrier that has a category 3 cyclone rating.
  • More privacy: If you desire complete privacy in your home, our Flat Slat shutters will block out any street views. You can rest assured knowing the people on the street cannot see into your home when the lights are on, and the sturdy design gives you added security. This profile comes in various colours to ensure your shutters are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Light control: The roller design of the Rollershield shutters means that you get to control the amount of light you let into your home. This is ideal for the hot Australian climate and the premium insulation design of the Flat Slat and Stormshield means that you can reduce up to 90 percent of the thermal transfer.

Avoid these common mistakes to get the most value out of your exterior shutters:

  • Installing low-quality shutters: Your shutters are fixed to the side of your home and will need to withstand years of weather extremes. Sunshine, wind, rain and other environmental elements can degrade low-quality shutters, meaning that you will need to repair or replace them which can be costly. Alternatively, the wear of the shutters can diminish the kerb appeal of your home.
  • Buying the wrong size: The wrong size shutters can make the exterior of your home aesthetically displeasing and not provide you with the protection you require. Our professionals will install the correct size shutters to ensure maximum protection and efficient mechanical operations.
  • Incorrectly fastening shutters: You should make certain that your shutters are fixed securely to your house exterior and use the appropriate fastenings. A professional installer, such as our electrician, is experienced and skilled in putting up shutters. We also provide a two-year warranty on our handiwork.

We have extensive experience working in the industry and provide a complete installation service. Our qualified, knowledgeable and skilled electrician can also carry out service and repairs on roller shutters and outdoor blinds. Our installation service comes with a two-year guarantee on workmanship and a ten-year warranty on the roller shutters. Contact us today to discover the ideal exterior shutter for your home and a free quote.

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