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The Ultra Shield Security Shutter profile is a double walled cavity with PU foam injected during the roll forming process. This profile is available for use on openings up to 50% larger than our standard domestic profiles while maintaining the same level of strength and insulation qualities.

Protect Your Home with Security Shutters IN PERTH

Ultrashield Security Roller Shutters

As an Australian Roller Shutter Manufacturer, Rollashield realises it is important to be able to offer a diverse range of products to provide a diverse range of solutions in this harsh climate.
The Ultrashield security shutter is a double-walled cavity with PU foam injected during the roll forming process. This profile is available for use on openings up to 50% larger than our standard domestic profiles while maintaining the same level of strength and insulation.
The Ultra Shield is a curved profile which uses a minimal headbox size, making it an ideal substitute for garage doors or commercial door applications where room for roll-up is limited.
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With many years of industry experience, you can rest assured MCF Master Group will offer a professional and efficient service.


We are an owner-operated business, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be dealing with the owner throughout the entire process.


For your convenience, all of our roller shutters come with a ten-year warranty.


We have a workmanship guarantee of two years, so if our work isn’t up to your standard, we’ll come and fix it up until it’s up to your standard.

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Protect Your Home with Security Shutters in Perth

Increase the value of your property with security shutters in Perth; there are various types available for all requirements. Shutters are a growing trend with homeowners who desire an added security feature without compromising the appeal of your home. Some of the options include shutters that can protect you against fire and water threats. In these cases, shutters provide an additional layer of protection for your property and family.

Installing security shutters is an affordable option to enhance your property. Ultimately, they preserve your indoors and have several benefits for a home.

  • Shutters provide privacy and aid security. The primary feature of security roller shutters in Perth is hiding your indoors from the outside world. It’s beneficial for offices or homes that are exposed to the public because they are close to the roadside. The addition of shutters creates an environment where you’re free from prying eyes. In terms of security, adding that extra layer is a deterrent for criminal activity. 
  • Shutters assist in the reduction of noise pollution. Another benefit of installing insulated shutters is the reduction of noise by 50%. It’s useful especially with homeowners who prefer a little quiet time, shift workers or people working and studying from home. The shutters block out unnecessary sounds and also prevent the noise in your home from filtering outside. It enables you to enjoy music at the level you prefer while maintaining a serene environment when required. 
  • Regulating the indoor temperature. In winter, it’s imperative to keep your home warm and prevent the cold air from outside entering your space. The shutters retain heat within the home and, perhaps more importantly, prevent cool air from escaping during summer. Furthermore, it reduces your reliance on cooling systems, thus saving you money on your energy bill. 


Shutters protect your space from outdoor elements such as rain, heavy wind and scorching sunshine. They aid in preventing the blinding light of the morning entering your room while you’re catching up on sleep. As a result, they assist in creating the perfect environment for you.

Whilst shutters are a great investment in your property, and will no doubt increase the value, mistakes can be made when deciding to install commercial roller shutters. It helps to be aware of the errors people have made previously to avoid in your own installation.

  • Opting for low-quality shutters because they lost less. This is the number one mistake most people make with shutters. In many cases, homeowners install window security shutters for decorative purposes and therefore they select the cheaper option. Even though you’re not relying on them for protection from the elements, the shutters are still exposed to them and will deteriorate at a rapid rate when compared to premium options. Avoid this mistake by investing in a high standard product to ensure you receive the best possible function. 
  • Selecting the first option. The issue of saving time is responsible for this mishap. Most people want to get the job done with a quick turnaround time. They neglect to shop around and browse the hundreds of variations available. You must always keep in mind the shutters’ exposure to different elements and decide if they will be durable enough to withstand any force. Selecting aluminium roller shutters is functional and aesthetically gratifying. 
  • Not hiring a professional company to install your shutters. Failing to research the contractor is a mistake many homeowners make. You end up with incorrectly fitted shutters that pose more problems along the way. The shutters may end up fastened too tightly or aren’t aligned correctly, but such a problem is avoidable by hiring the ideal contractor. Always investigate the reviews of a company from other customers that have used their services previously. 

We are a family run business with vast experience in the industry. We offer a complete service including buying, installing and servicing, without external contractors. Our aim is to constantly provide our customers with high-quality solutions. As such, we offer the latest technologies in security shutters, such as manual, remote and electric wall switch operation. The Wi-Fi hub that we offer gives you control of your shutters via your smartphone, from any location in the world. This assists with ensuring your home is secure even when you’re away.

Some of our key products include roller shutters, flat slats, sentry fire shields and storm shields, all of which have their own benefit to a property. Our team are on hand for servicing your current shutters whether it’s broken cables, broken slats, jammed shutter or in-wall manual winder, we’ll assist with repairing your system. Contact us to find a solution for your home. Our orders are tailored specifically for your requirements in both size and style. All the motors and moving parts of the roller shutter come with a 10-year warranty, while our ziptrak blinds are covered by a seven-year warranty.

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